Alien: Hope For The Future Interview

Recently I spoke with the creator of Alien: Hope for the future. He was kind enough to talk about the game and translate his thoughts on the new Alien game he is making by himself.

How did you come up for the idea for the game?

I always wondered how the colonists survived until Ripley and the Marines arrived. When I had the opportunity to realize my ideas, I took advantage of it immediately.

How long have you worked on it to date?

Two years, but the training started much earlier, back in 2017.

The detail level is amazing. Where did you get your inspiration for the look of the base?

The film’s footage and documentaries for the Aliens were the primary inspiration for the film. The same inspiration was drawn from different fantasy artists.

Especially those working in retro Sсi-fi style. But most importantly for me. For the colony to look credible. So that the player can believe that people could live in it. I never liked that in many games and movies, the environment wasn’t used rationally.

Huge, useless corridors. Big rooms with one box and etc. Everything necessary for life in the colony in its places, even sewage pipes should go from each room, although almost no one will notice it.

Have you had any contact with FOX/Disney about the game and do you expect any issues going forward?

In 2018, I wrote to everyone who has anything to do with this universe. 20 Fox, Fox next games, Sega, Cold iron studios and etc… But it’s always been one-way communication, nobody’s ever answered me. Only Carrie Henn and the developers of Alien Blackout responded to the project somehow. In any case the project will be finished. Usually, fan-made projects are not shut down, but only asked to remove all references, unless, of course, these are remasters or remakes of old games. Such examples are given to me often, but the situation there is completely different. In the worst case, I will simply remove the Weyland-Yutani logo and slightly change the looks of the Xenomorphs. But as I said, that will happen only in the worst case scenario.


Is there a difference in gameplay based on which character you select to play?

Of course. Each character has a different story for the demo, and a different time frame. Also each demo will be responsible for a different type of gameplay, which will merge into the main company, where will be the main character of the game (who is it, until revealed, but it is not Newt). In Demo for Kate Starms, for the most part, the Immersive sim element is being developed. For Coln Rod, the demo that’s being done now, Stealth Horror gameplay, reminiscent of Alien: Isolation. Frank Park will be responsible for the tactics and the shooter components. 6. What are some of the objects players will be able to gather and craft? Motion Tracker that can be gradually improved. Different barricades and traps. And a lot more, the craft list is constantly updated.

Are weapons a part of the game?

Yeah, but it won’t do much good. A colony security weapon can’t do much harm to Aliens, but they won’t be immortal either. With firearms, they can be forced to retreat or stunned, but don’t rely on it completely.

What have been your biggest challenges and greatest triumphs with the game so far?

Xenomorph’s model. It’s both the biggest challenge and triumphs at the same time. I’m self-taught in everything, and my modelling skills are not high. I just didn’t have the means to order a model from a professional. So I made it myself, and I’m happy with what came out. Now the biggest challenge, but also the most interesting, is his artificial intelligence.)

What changes will be made based on feedback from the Beta?

The first wave of Beta testing has passed and a lot has been done thanks to it. A lot of unnoticed small bugs, interface, etc. There is still a lot of work to do, and without beta testers I would have missed a lot of mistakes).

What is your timeframe to complete the game and what do you plan to do after you are done?

It’s hard to say. I’m not a studio with a deadline. I work on a project in my spare time, and time is the most limited resource. I hope to release the final demo for Colin no later than April 26th. That’s all I can say on time. Upon completion of the project, I have many plans for other projects, but not for famous copyrighted universes, but my own).

What can you tell us about the music, sounds, and voices in the game and how you set about creating them?

Music and sounds help me do, work is slow but at least do not stand still. The sounds are much better; a lot of people want to take part in them. Closer to the demo release, I’m going to do the English voices.