Asia Has Become A Major Player In Online Gambling

The business of online gaming continues to grow around the world as recent trends show more emerging markets exploding with the numerous earning potential this industry affords. One market that has really seen considerable growth is that of Asia. Not only does the area have some of the most populated countries in the world; it also has a very tech savvy and connected populace.

With demographics such as this; some analysts predict that online gaming can top $174 Billion by 2021 which is a considerable lead from the $72.2 billion in 2019.

While a large part of this stems from video games; the biggest boost comes from the mobile gaming market and this has led to increased demand for casino gaming where players have the opportunity to wager and earn real money.


Countries like Malaysia, which is located in Southeast Asia, have become major players in the growth of the online casino industry, this can be learned from the rise of sites such as Casino Billions Malaysia. the fast growth in Asia is due in large part to advances in streaming technology.

The large number of people who are connected online and said technological advancements; allow players to enjoy their games in a safe and secure setting without having to take time and trouble of traveling to and from a casino.


eSports has also been a growing part of online gambling as some locales now allow betting to take place on professional gaming matches similar to how people can place wagers on large sporting events.

While traditional casino games are the backbone of the online casino industry; seeing the growth in Asia and around the world as well as the potential for new revenue streams makes this ideal opportunity for players and investors. It can be said with certainty that due to technological changes, this industry, as well as other industries, will not be the same as before.