Missile Command: Recharged

Back in 1980 with the Cold War still ongoing; Atari released another classic into the Arcades with Missile Command. Using a Trackball controller and three buttons to launch, players had to defend a row of cities from incoming missiles as well as bombers and aerial threats.

Each round became progressively more difficult and with supplies of missiles and cities dwindling; difficult choices were made as to which would be protected and which would be sacrificed for the greater good.

There were some home versions of the popular game and over time it has maintained a since of fond nostalgia for those who remember playing it back in the day.

Fans of mobile gaming will be happy to know that Missile Command: Recharged has arrived for the Android and Ios platform and it looks to bring the action to a new generation of gamers as well as fond memories of old to others.

The gameplay is similar save that things are now done by touching a screen. The first thing I noted is that the incoming projectiles, enemies, and cities have not had a graphical upgrade and seem very similar to how they looked back in the day. Where the biggest changes have taken place is in the form of Particle Effects. The dazzling array of colors and pixels light up the screen each time there is an explosion and incoming threats often come at more varied speeds and angles than fans of the series might expect.

Naturally the game gets harder with each passing wave and does present a very challenging game. The mobile nature of the game and the fact that you do not have to invest significant amounts of time into a game is ideal for those looking for some quick gaming on the go or a fast gaming break when time allows.

While the subdued graphics may at first keep those new to the game cautious; those who fondly remember pumping quarters into machines to play will love having this game.


3.5 stars out of 5