The Star Wars Audio AR Experience Gives Fans A New Way To Experience The Films

This sounds like a fun and unique experience.

The Star Wars Audio AR Experience from Trigger was built specifically to utilize the capabilities of embedded motion sensors found in the flagship line of Bose AR-enabled devices, including two types of headphones and a line of eyeglass frames.

By simply rotating their head, users can experience essential scenes from the Star Wars franchise as if they were inside the films. Highlights include:
– Explore the area where characters are engaged in battle or tap a character to switch to their point-of-view.
– The AR spans across all eras of the franchise, covering the journey of Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s iconic lightsaber, leading up to the current trilogy where the lightsaber is now in Rey’s possession.
– The final scene in the AR experience is based on the Millennium Falcon training sequence from A New Hope, which features new, original sounds created specifically for this experience by Skywalker Sound, along with a number of sounds from the Disney Galaxy’s Edge theme park experience.

The Audio AR experience can be found on the Star Wars app at