Final Assault PSVR


More than a few gamers likely have fond memories of playing with Army Men during their childhood. The green and in time; tan figures as well as their supporting vehicles and weapons were a beloved childhood staple.

Naturally as time passed those memories were relegated to the area filled with things such as Star Wars toys, comic books, and other treasures of youth.

Fortunately a new game called Final Assault allows gamers to experience a high-tech version of playing with toy soldiers in a Virtual Reality environment.

Playing either solo or via multiplayer; players must place units such as tanks, jeeps, trucks, planes, and artillery as ground troops attempt to attack or defend key locales in a city.

Using a drag and drop interface, players can assign units, drag a path, and order new units in an ever changing battle.


I thought I had an edge on the battle as I had a line of units laying siege to the enemy base and thought I had a solid line of defense.

This lasted long enough to see the A.I. rapidly crate a huge force while under attack and launch a massive counter offensive which soon had me on the defensive.

The world is a full 360 community and it is very important to keep an eye on what is happening in the fringe areas as this is where units can often slip past your defenses undetected.

The biggest issue I had was with the controls as while I could zoom in, out, and around, the map, selecting units and dragging a new path for them could be a challenge at times and this grew even more pronounced under combat and resulted in some really erratic paths.

Thankfully the fun of the game overcomes any of the control frustrations and makes for an enjoyable V.R. game experience.


3.5 stars out of 5