Kanto Yu Speakers

With more and more people staying home; movies, Audio Books, music, and television have become even more important during the time of self-isolation.

As such making sure you have high quality audio at an affordable price is essential as nothing diminishes an experience more than poor sound or picture quality.

With this in mind; the Kanto Yu is a fantastic option for those looking for quality audio in a stylish unit. The Bluetooth enabled system is available in a range of colors and easily pairs with your devices.

The Yu comes with a remote which makes adjusting the sound to your desired levels and quality a breeze and the ability to tilt the units up to an angle of 16 degrees allows for maximum audio coverage.

Since the unit is desktop sized, it is ideal to move about your home as it can move from the kitchen to the office or bedroom with ease as well as on your patios and decks.

The audio quality is fantastic and we found that it actually improved the longer we had the unit in action. So many units like to tout their sound quality but the Kanto Yu lets its performance do the talking and we have rarely found anything that is in the same category as this unit in terms of performance, price, and ease of use.

The staff that we assigned for further testing on the unit reported that they also were really impressed with how great the audio quality was as well as the ease of setup and use.

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