mClassic Video Enhancer Brings New Life To Games

Ask any video gamer and they will tell you that graphics are a big part of their gaming experience. While some games relish their retro look and graphics; most modern games embrace the cutting edge of available technology to create the most stunning graphics possible.

Older games often suffer from the limitations of the available technology that they were created for but thankfully a new product called the mClassic helps games and systems both old and new.

The device easily connects to your television and device via USB and cable and allows users to enhance graphics for systems such as the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, as well as retro consoles.

I first saw their mCable product a few years back at E3 and was amazed at how the device greatly enhanced older video and the original Halo game.

The mClassic offers multiple modes such as scaling or no scaling as well as the retro setting.

Some of the features players will experience include better anti-aliasing where shimmering and jagged surfaces are reduced or eliminated.

4K upscaling is a great video but being able to enhance video up to 4K with no loss of color or resolution.

Depth of field and enhanced sharpness is also enhanced which allows for objects to appear with a more natural depth and gives setting a more realistic ratio.

The amazing thing is that all of this is done without any latency issues and considering that the device sells for an affordable $99.00 it is something gamers will want to have for games old and new.