Sci-fi animated series that changed the perspective for cartoons

Animated tv shows are proven to have a unique ability to create fantastical, science fiction worlds. There is no need to set up fancy sets, create special effects or make costumes – if it can be drawn, it can be done! The best animated sci-fi and fantasy shows are more than just cartoons. Some of them have greatly influenced pop culture and made an impact on the common sense and community norms. Having a talking robot or an animal in a cartoon is not a prerequisite for a good story plot. The fantasy element needs to be consistent, relevant and take a large part of the story. Some of the best sci-fi shows tell the same stories as live-action shows do. In this case, they happen to be animated, such as the animated Star Wars series or futurama. The best part about these shows is that they fully embrace the flexibility of their medium, and that is what keeps us engaged and interested in the long run.

If you’ve been looking for sci-fi stories that will ignite your imagination, while also enjoying the subject, check out our list of favourite all-time series. Hopefully, they will help you figure out what needs to go in your binge queue.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The animator Genndy Tartakovsky paved his road through the halls of legends with this 90s cartoon, originally broadcasted on Cartoon Network channel. This series is all about the life of Dexter, a boy genius protégé who has built a superlab within the corners of his room. The only problem is his older sister Dee Dee who often finds in unpleasant situations, causing headaches, mass destruction and chaos for Dexter to resolve. Despite her curious nature, Dexter still finds time to make prototypes, give superpowers to animals and battle with his opponent Mandark.

Tartakovsky’s series represents a great animation overture set against a sci-fi background. Its animation style, especially in the early years is a playground to the imagination and really something to admire. The narrative goes from playful and joyous to gloomy and dark, and that’s what makes it appealing for all ages.

Rick and Morty

What started out as a Back to the Future parody, quickly developed into one of the most creative and smartest sci-fi shows on the air. Rick, a mad scientist with unconventional methods has just moved into his daughter’s house where her family lives. He quickly creates a strong bond with his shy and quiet grandson Morty. Together, they travel across time and space, taking part in different adventures.

This show is rated to be the best out of other content-related series at the moment, so if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out. It has inspired many different industries to include some memorable moments from the series. From toy makers to casino game developers who created the Rick and Morty Megaways game – it has experienced worldwide fame. The series sure captures some thrilling and serious moments, but at its core is a well-thought sci-fi comedy. Rick, Morty and all supporting roles are characters that find themselves in most unbelievable scenarios. Fighting intergalactic bounty hunters or visiting estranged planets – everything is possible here. The second half of season 4 premieres in May, so make sure to catch up on this great show before it comes out.

Samurai Jack

Another brilliant Tartakovsky production that blends the sci-fi element with the styling of Japanese cinema reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa. This animation series has Jack, a samurai warrior from the distant past sent thousands of years into the future. He finds himself in a bizarre and strange world of robots and rockets. Jack must now face the evil Aku who sent him into the future to get back to his own time and face his destiny.

Samurai Jack is a fantastic blend of rich animation with filmmaking techniques like quick cuts and long cinematic shots. Even though there are long stretches of time where characters don’t walk or talk, the building tension and clever setup are too well constructed to not keep the viewer engaged. The series was cancelled after two seasons, but thanks to its devoted fan base got a revival comeback in 2017.