Robert Duncan McNeill And Garrett Wang Talk Star Trek Voyager For A Digital Event From Creation Entertainment

With conventions being on hold due to the current Pandemic; Creation Entertainment has moved into the venue of Digital Convention events which they have done with great success for Supernatural. Recently the company hosted a Star Trek Voyager event featuring Robert Duncan McNeill Who played Lt. Tom Paris on the show and Garrett Wang who played Ensign Harry Kim.

The hour long event was presented on Stageit and fans were able to take part for a very nominal fee as they were encouraged to pay what they can to take part and since people were able to “tip” along the way; a select fan who was the high tipper was given a special private session after the show.

The two took questions from fans and had a very good energy and chemistry as they talked about their upcoming Podcast: The Delta Flyers that they have created while in isolation.

A popular question asked the duo what memorabilia they kept after the run of the show. Robert playfully said that he may or may not have a full uniform complete with shoes and rank pips.

He then told a great story about how he was given permission to take his set chair from the show but as it was fixed to the set in order for his character to move laterally across the console; it would have to be removed and have wheels added to it.

While he accepted this due to starting another project at the end of the show he was never able to collect it.

He also said he like Garrett had their Director style chairs that they used to sit on while filming.

Garrett joked that unlike Robert Picardo who practically had a drill and took everything he could get his hands on; he was able to get a uniform and the console display screen he stood in front of. He also joked about getting the name plate from Robert Beltran’s trailer and did have a uniform. He joked that Kate Mulgrew just put a uniform in her bag.

Robert also told a funny story about how he would play with the Tricorders between takes and actually broke two of them filming the pilot. This resulted in him not being given one until filming started and in many cases it was a Stunt Tricorder made of rubber.

One question asked them what they wished would have been shown after Voyager returned to Earth. Robert said he would have loved to have had a scene with his father so he could see how much he has grown and how being married and a father has changed him.

Garrett joked that he wanted a promotion and a parade as he was like the Rodney Dangerfield of Star Trek as he got no respect.

Robert also said it would be nice to show how the Maquis and Starfleet crew resolved their issues and how that could be a lesson to the Federation moving forward.

He mentioned that he has not seen all of the episodes as working on them up to 18 hours a day in the age of VHS often had him working or busy when they aired.

There was even a comment how it was suggested that the show end with a line of text promoting a theatrical film to wrap things up in grand style.

A question was asked about how Star Trek helped and hampered their careers to which Robert said it was a blessing as not only was it seven years of work; but it gave him directing opportunities and he has been a very busy Director since the show including episodes of Enterprise and The Orville to which he had nothing but great things to say about Seth McFarlane and how great it was working with him.

“Seth is great, very nice man and talented. Orville was great to work on, loves star trek and series is a homage to the show” were some of the things Robert had to say.

Robert also said he had a recent video call regarding work he will be doing for the new Turner and Hooch for Disney+. He also mentioned Resident Alien as a future project as well.

Garrett said it was a great experience but he had to deal with reports of people wanting to cast a “Garrett Wang” type for parts but not calling him to audition.

Garrett said one of the biggest issues was that he was not a big networker and people like Robert Picardo are masters at that and he is able to appear in many shows simply by talking to the right people and passing along his interest.

They both said this is why they may not be on Star Trek: Picard as they would have to lobby for it but they are both happy Jeri Ryan is on it as they think it will be great to see a new side of her character.

Garrett also did some impressions of his fellow cast and Robert mentioned how Garrett was notorious for cracking up on the show. He said he had to stifle it and it sounded like a buzzing bee.

There was mentions of doing some MST3K treatment of episodes similar to how they did on the Star Trek Cruises and that they could not improve their lines.

The hour passed quickly as Robert and Garrett had so many interesting things to talk about. They mentioned that their Delta Flyers Podcast coming next week and it could be found on all of the usual Podcast places and used the hashtag @thedeltaflyers.

Creation has done a fantastic job with their virtual events to date and next week Garrett and Robert will have another special event. You can get information on that and future Creation Entertainment events here.