Announcing Our Virtual Cosplay Event

With Conventions not being possible currently; we decided to have some fun and will be hosting a Virtual Cosplay Contest on June 6th.

Turtle Beach has offered prizing and we will have more companies coming soon.

Entries are due at the end of the day and we suggest a short video. Send us the link to where you posted it and we will post it here. All entries must be in by end of the day on June 6th and the judging will start the next day. I will also be working on prizing for the winners so more details to come.

There are no limits on the category of your Cosplay and we will have a panel of judges announce the winners on June 7th.

Entries are open now as you can sign up online or directly via the e-mail below

Entries can be sent directly to us via link to your video or via pictures.

All entries should be sent to us at [email protected]

There will be an over 18 category as well as an under 18 category as well.



Turtle Beach is one of our prize sponsors and they have given us one silver Recon 70 and one blue camo Recon 70.

We also have PC Copies Of The new Shark Game Maneater From Tripwire Interactive.

Switch Versions of Aqua Lungers

More should come this week.


You can learn more about them here
We also have a sign up at the link here


but entries should sent

Entries can be sent directly to us via link to your video or via pictures.

All entries should be sent to us at [email protected]


The first set of entries will be posted as soon as they arrive on this page and contestants can submit their entry starting today.

Tracey Barrientos as Wonder Woman




Doctor DOOM.

Manalba (Manuel Alba)



Virtual SDCC



Twisted Panderz Cosplay






Idris, The Doctor’s Wife,
Hilary Weston (AKA Missy; Ruler of the Universe Emeritus 2017-19)

IMG_0792idris cropped


Matthew Winchel
From Angie Nelson.
The cosplay is Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho

Alice from Madness Returns
Cosplay made and modeled by:
Photographer: @courtex.studios


Gnar from League of Legends by


Under 18 Category

Darth Zannah From Star Wars and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. She is 11 and designed and created both of her costumes