Super Mega Baseball 3

Since we currently do not have a MLB season; Super Mega Baseball 3 looks to fill that void with a fun alternative. From exhibition mode to regular seasons; players will have plenty of options. I am not one who enjoys a lot of micromanaging and tinkering so I went right into the action with a three inning exhibition game.

The characters are cartoon like with some really over the top features such as bulging biceps but small legs and waists but it adds to the fun of the game. It did take me a bit to get the pitching down but once I relied on letting the various pitches go instead of trying to nibble at the corners of the Strike Zone I had much more success.

Batting on the other hand was a bigger challenge as it took some work to get the timing down and it was actually rewarding to hit a hard foul for the first time. In time I was able to get around on some pitches and even make hard outs when hit balls did not find a hole or make their way into the gap.

The defense also takes some adjustment as at times balls that I thought would be easy outs moved past slow infielders while well hit balls were at times snared with ease. I also saw plenty of ESPN highlight worthy throws from deep in the hole to take town an opposing player’s bid for a hit.

The stadiums are colorful and busy as I enjoyed watching a Sky Train just over the fence and wondered how I would have to time a pitch to try and hit the train. Sadly this never came to be despite chanting ‘Steroids” to myself hoping the batter would muscle up and ride the lightening.
While the game may lack the official players, teams, and stadiums of other games; it has plenty of fun and if you just want to get back to the fun of the game and swing away, this is a game you will want to play.

4 stars out of 5