I am usually not a fan of driving games but there was something compelling about SnowRunner that drew me to the game. The appeal of driving a big rig through difficult terrain and weather seemed like a fun way to spend a few hours.
Starting off I had to make my way into town in my trusted Pickup. This was not so easy as a flood had caused damage to the town and I had to go off road and face steep terrain, rocks, mud, and flowing water. Not only was this slow going, but I had to drop my gears to get the needed traction as I was not able at this stage to figure out how to winch myself in.

In town I was able to gas up at a station and make my way to a checkpoint where I learned I had to get a truck and help repair a bridge. Locating the truck then required me to get various loads of wood and steel and deliver it to the site of the bridge so the damage could be repaired.
Navigating a loaded truck on rough terrain, tight quarters, and in bad conditions proved to be tough as you can damage the truck and if it is significant enough; players have to start over.
As the game advances new trucks and challenges will become available which makes the game an ideal simulation for those looking to get behind the wheel of a big rig.

Some may want a bit more variety to missions but I found the real joy was driving the loaded trucks across the very well-detailed maps and that the graphics were eye-catching from the start.
If you want to load up and face the challenge, than SnowRunner may be just what you are looking for.

4 stars out of 5