Mafia: Trilogy

Fans of action and suspense will be happy that 2K Games has released the Mafia Trilogy which contains updated versions of the three games as well as additional content which truly makes it the ultimate collection for fans and collectors.

While the first game will not arrive until August; Mafia II: The Definitive Edition breathes new life into the classic PS3 era game with updated features.

I had not played the second game in the series and it was great to see that cars and clothing from the third game were available. There is just something about driving around 1940s and 50s towns with a Muscle Car and an Army Jacket from the 60s and 70s to give the game a new wrinkle.

As players take on new missions and challenges; they will improve their status in the organization and move up the ladder. Of course in doing so they make new enemies and it is often very tricky to distinguish friend from foe.

Gameplay and combat is in the third person perspective and players will have guns and their fists to defend themselves with. This is not a full on guns blazing game as players have a regenerative health system and cover is required in order to survive much of the combat in the game.

The game has an expansive map and players will need to drive in order to complete the numerous tasks assigned to them. Players will have vehicles at their disposal and can repair damaged vehicles as well as boost new ones via picking locks or smash and grabs.

Naturally this will draw the attention of the Police and if caught players will have to evade, fight, or bribe their way out of their situation.

The vastness of the game is both a blessing and a curse at times as while the highly detailed city and surrounding locales are impressive; having to drive through them over and over and do some missions which are basically drive from point A to B and back does get old after a while especially since the game is very long to begin with.

There are still signs of the games age such as animation not exactly matching the action at times and some odd glitches and dated movements.

The game comes with three DLC and four Bonus packs which does make it a complete set with multiple hours of gameplay.

Mafia 3 comes with three DLC and two Bonus Packs which also makes this a great addition when you factor in the new vehicle and clothing options that are given to players.

While gamers wait for the august release of the first game; the content for two and three is vast and will provide plenty of hours of gameplay for those looking for some nostalgia or for those looking to expand upon the base stories of the games.

3.5 stars out of 5