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Published on June 4th, 2020 | by minshewnetworks


The best MMORPGs to play during quarantine

Among the different types of videogames that exist today, MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) are one of the ones that require the most time, dedication and patience from its players, since its gameplay is designed to keep its users as long as possible. For that reason, many tried to avoid this genre of videogames, because after all, not everyone is willing to spend many hours a day improving a character, completing a quest or getting gold. However, we are currently in a quarantine where many have had to look for ways to entertain themselves inside their homes, and it is that precise situation where videogames stand out, especially those that guarantee a lot of time for fun and allow a lot of interaction with other people, which are aspects that MMORPGs can perfectly replace.

Having said that, many players who previously avoided MMORPGs, have now begun to venture into this genre, as the addictive, appealing and social gameplay that they possess, along with the need to find an adventure that is fun for a long time, have made these online worlds one of the best options in this quarantine.

However, the MMORPG genre is totally saturated, as new games (mostly generic) are constantly appearing to try to attract as many people as possible to their servers. For that reason, below we will briefly present the best options you can find to get started in the MMORPG genre in this quarantine, taking into account the easy accessibility of its gameplay, its difficulty, the number of players and how much fun it can be for new players.


World of Warcraft

This popular MMORPG has always managed to maintain its success despite its long life, as its developer (Blizzard) knows how to keep her players hooked with its constant expansions and events that expand the lore of this game more and more. World of Warcraft (abbreviated as WoW) takes place in a medieval fantasy world (typical of this genre) called Azeroth, which is constantly expanding with every expansion it receives.

But, in spite of how overwhelming WoW can be, this game is one of the most recommended for those who are starting this genre for the first time, since it has an addictive and extremely easy to understand gameplay, which will become more and more complex as the players grow within the game, and in addition, WoW has an incredibly huge community of players with whom you can quickly socialize.

Another attractive element of WoW is its complex world, because it offers a large number of areas where each is extremely different and has its own history, ecosystem, epic battles, items, among many other features.

However, although WoW is highly recommended for those who want to get started in MMORPGs, it should also be mentioned that in order to enjoy the full WoW experience, it is necessary for players to have a very high level, since that way they will be able to access all the events, dungeons and expansions of the world that this game has. Having said that, moving up the levels in WoW is a time-consuming task and can be a bit tedious, however, there is also a quick and inexpensive method to be able to grow quickly in WoW, this is to buy products and services specialized in WoW through reliable websites like Eldorado gg.

Eldorado gg is an excellent gaming marketplace where any player can buy retail WoW Gold and rare items, among other elements. Eldorado gg stands out for its reliable system that keeps purchases safe, the economic prices that can be found and its extremely intuitive platform where anyone can buy without complications.


The Elder Scrolls Online

The popular Elder Scroll saga has always been known for offering players a colossal world of content to explore freely, and its MMORPG is no exception. The Elder Scroll Online (abbreviated as TESO) manages to perfectly adapt the characteristic gameplay of the other games in this saga to the possibilities of the MMORPG genre, but as previously stated, the most remarkable thing that TESO can offer is its incredibly extensive world, which can easily be considered one of the largest among all MMORPGs.

The Elder Scroll Online has a gameplay that focuses much more on exploration than action, as the enormous possibilities provided by each corner of their world warrant it. However, that does not mean that this videogame lacks action, on the contrary, TESO is full of epic battles against all kinds of monsters, PvP fights (Player vs. Player), and also has a massive number of weapons to obtain, create or purchase with TESO gold.

This MMORPG is highly recommended for beginners in this genre because its world allows any player to experience their own adventure, with their own objectives and the possibility of choosing which places to explore. Elder Scroll Online also has a huge amount of Side-Quest to complete, which will encourage the player to want to learn more about the story and the other sites the game has to offer.

That said, completing the main Quests in this game is not a must, but they are necessary to learn the development of your plot and unlock even more places to visit, so they are also a feasible path for new players.



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