The Office Dundie Award And Other Items Arrive From TOYNK

Looks like a nice set.

The Office Dundie Award Statue Has Arrived at Toynk


Addison, IL – 7/1/2020 has officially announced the arrival of The Office Dundie Award Replica by Surreal Entertainment, making it the newest addition to Toynk’s The Office product collection.

The officially licensed replica statue will also contain a customizable plate feature that will include 5 stick-on award plates, including: “Dundie Award”, “Bushiest Beaver Award”, “Hottest In The Office Award”, “Fine Work Award”, “Whitest Sneakers Award”, and Don’t Go In There After Me Award”. Replica measures 8 inches tall, and is a must-have for any “The Office” fan.


Dunder Mifflin’s annual award statue, The Dundie, will be available for purchase on 7/1/2020 at


Landing Page:

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