Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is an interesting and challenging game that tasks players to work off a debt in the service of a company. Your job is to deconstruct ships in zero g and avoid the many dangers you face.

After a brief tutorial players will set off to earn some much needed money. Using a cutting tool and grapple which can be upgraded over time; players must slice away aspects of a ship and then grapple them to a salvage barge, a furnace, or recycling bay.

The ships have various cut points which must be sliced in order to move larger sections and in time players can obtain a tether which will pull an object so players can move onto other tasks while a piece of salvage is pulled to a desired location.

This is key as you have a timer to complete your shift and then there is also the need to replenish your oxygen and fuel supply in shift. When players complete a shift they are charged a large series of fees from the company which results in a hefty bite into your profits and makes it harder to decrease your debt.

Another issue is that some jobs will take multiple shifts so players must be careful. There is also the fact that numerous objects of value are present but not listed on your work order. I learned that chairs, terminals, and such are needed for advancement and are necessary to salvage before you start cutting and must be factored in to your time management plans.

Then there is the matter of the ship itself which can be entered via an airlock. I found it is vital to set the pressure as entering a ship and cutting away is a good way to be blown a great distance from the ship. There is also the matter of the reactor and other vital pieces which tend to explode when cut or not salvaged fast enough when removed.

Being careless is a fast way to getting cloned and that does not come cheap.

As the game goes on players can upgrade their gear which will be a big help as the ships become harder and harder.

The game is fun to play and looks great. Getting used to working in Zero G can be a challenge but that is the fun of the game. I wished there had been a multiplayer mode as it would be great fun to take on a ship as a team and also be subject to accidents other players can cause as well.

In the end Hardspace: Shipbreaker is fun to play and a very creative idea that offers challenge and fun with a sense of humor.

4 stars out of 5