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Published on July 6th, 2020 | by minshewnetworks


5 Things Every University Graduate Needs To Hear


Hello there, to all graduates and soon-to-be graduates! Congratulations on toughing it out with all those assignments, exams and here’s to remembering all the times you had to burn the midnight oil. It is a wonderful thing to complete a university degree and successfully graduate, however, sometimes it may feel a little overwhelming. Let’s just say that life is better the younger you are, but that also means it is up to you to decide on the future you want to attain and be proud of. Reality sets in after you have graduated, but in saying that, there are certain things to keep in mind as some useful lessons for fresh graduates; they might even be helpful when you source for fresh graduate jobs singapore. This article will discuss five things that every university graduate needs to hear about life after graduation. By the end of this article, you will have a clearer vision of what to expect.

1. Remember to enjoy this period of time

This point of your life will never come again and therefore it is important to remember to fully enjoy this time without letting it go to waste. Time does not wait for anyone! Use this time to travel to countries you have dreamed of visiting, keep working to support your travels, and go tick a few things off your bucket list. Before long you will be stressing over finding your first graduate job, worrying about all the competition you may face, and all the different career paths you may choose to take. Take this time to focus on you, your personal desires, and wants. Remember to spend it with those close to you like family, friends, and fellow graduates! Try to keep your regrets at a minimum.

2. Face your new reality

The one major difference between the years you spend in university and the next few years of your life is that the goals are set differently. In university, there are assignments and examinations to keep you on track of what exactly needs to be achieved to move on to the next semester, and so on. On the other hand, in the outside world, these goals have to be set individually. Once your days at university are over, there is no one particular way to measure whether you are on the right track to success or not, which could be challenging for many people. If you feel like that, just know you are not alone, and that it is completely normal. It is important to know your personal strengths and weaknesses and be true to yourself in order to create something that is meaningful with these skills. Remember, do not be afraid to make mistakes because the best and most successful people are those who have failed and gotten back up stronger.


3. Do not put off finding a job for too long

Getting a job can seem like a daunting task especially for university graduates, but it is the most important thing to do and will determine how your future looks like. There are so many reasons why getting a job is the best feeling, for example, it gives you stability and an income. Having a job forces you to be put into a “routine” which is necessary for many people today. It will also give you a clearer perspective on your lifestyle. Find a job that suits you, not one that you think you should have. A job with benefits other than monetary benefits will fulfill your internal needs.


Do not hesitate to apply for various jobs at once and reach out to your desired companies directly. Take other factors into consideration such as travel time, your salary, and take note of how those at your workplace treat you and communicate with you. It is crucial that you feel appreciated at work in order to excel and rise against any challenges that may surface. Keep a lookout for possible fresh graduate jobs singapore, and don’t be too quick to turn down opportunities. If you are successful in your job hunt, take this time to save money for future larger investments. Of course, treat yourself on the other days.

4. Be open to freelance work

If you have tried the job-hunting regime but have been unsuccessful for a certain period of time, another option might be to start with freelance work. Publish your previous work online or in a portfolio for clients to view. Working as a freelancer will not only give you a side income while you continue searching for a more suitable job but will also sharpen your skills. Doing freelance work is also another thing to add to your resumé, so it really is a win-win situation. If you feel that clients might not be able to find you, reach out to clients first. That way, they feel your eagerness, which is highly desired in workplace settings. Since freelance work is considered less stable than the regular office job, it is crucial to budget appropriately.


5. Don’t give up on your true passions

The last thing on this list is a reminder for you to stick with your true passions. Your passions define and set you apart from others and should be incorporated in your work life as well as personal life. Having good time management will allow you to focus on both aspects of life. Your true passions will never fade and hence should be preserved! The most successful individuals are those that do what they love and love what they do.


With that, we have come to the end of this article and we hope it has been beneficial as well as insightful to you, as a fresh graduate or soon-to-be graduate! We would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavors and to keep your head held high when times are not the brightest. Set realistic and attainable goals so you feel accomplished when you reach them, one by one. Make lists so you can see your progress, which will motivate you to continue doing better. The one final thing we would like to say as a reminder is that it is normal to change your goals and aspirations as you move along with your career! Anything is possible if you put the work for it.

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