Insurgency Sandstorm

The game is a standard first player shooter. You are based in a game that is designed in a format like Call of Duty. You have the standard Co OP, Cooperative and goal-oriented games online.

You select your region and wait for a game slot to open and you play. The terrain is set in a second world country that seems to be Afghanistan or Iraq.

You are either doing a capture the flag type mission or all out brawl with your characters. The teams are standard on military format with a rifleman, observer or explosives experts depending on the mission.

The graphics are right in line with what you expect in this genre. Well designed and easy to differentiate from the opposite sides team. You cannot move through plants or visible obstacles here.

You must take them into account or get trapped into areas you will find it hard to maneuver out of. Ihad a hard time connecting to the server to get into games. I am not sure if this was a Beta problem or lack of server slots.

You can however choose to stay local and train your character.

Who happens to be a female and Arab. There is no way to change this at the outcome and it not that much of a distraction as the camera is in first person as you move. Local play allows you to train on movement and weapons prior to stepping into the online competition.

You also have a variety of areas you can play in as well. There are around 10 missions you can change to make more challenging. You also can change which character you are playing on the team to play to your strengths and meet your goals.

Game controls are locked and cannot be modified. I did have a problem with using a mouse to start with but was able to work through that easily as well. You can get to an area that will show your controls for you to avoid the tutorial sections.

Overall I would rate the game 4 out of 5 stars.