Franchises Ideal For A Return On The PS5

With the pending arrival of the PS5 system it is natural for people to anticipate what franchises will continue on with the new system. When the PS4 was set to arrive many had hoped that franchises such as Resistance, Socom, and Twisted Metal would continue on.

While they did not there were entries in the God of War, Killzone, Infamous, Last of Us, and Uncharted franchises for the PS4 amongst others which moved the series to the next-generation.

During the PS5 announcement audiences were given previews for a new Ratchet and Clank and a new Little Big Planet game which shows that those franchises are ready to make the move to a new generation of gaming.

While the new system will reportedly allow prior-generations games to be played; taking advantage of the new hardware will be something gamers are eager to experience.

With any system launch speculation and desires run wild as to which classic series may be coming next and with that in mind let us look at some games which we may or might like to see make their way to the new system.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Andromeda landed with a thud and pretty much put the future of the franchise on hold. Rumors have abounded that a remastered version of the first three games may be in the works. While nothing was shown at EA Play 2020; there are still people who would look forward to this.

The Cold Iron Alien Game


It was first revealed without a name, images, or trailers in Jan. 2019 and since them the company has been sold and expects to be sold again but Cold Iron still claims they are working away on it. This would be a nice splash for the new system and may explain why there has been so little news prior as it has shifted to the new platforms.

God of War

Rumors abound that there is a new game in the works and seeing how popular the PS4 release was I would be shocked if we did not see a new entry sooner rather than later.


I know this is a long shot but a mix of Flight Simulation and FPS could be a winning mix for the new system.


I would love to see a new entry in this franchise but after seeing it skip the PS4 generation I am not counting on a new game but is a remaster out of the question?

Twisted Metal

Since remastering classic has become commonplace; why not remaster the prior games into one set?

Dead Space

Dead Space 3 pretty much killed off the franchise but a remastered trilogy with V.R. support would be an amazing way to get the franchise back on track.

Motor Storm

What better way to enjoy the speed and graphics of a new system with an all-out racing game and this series has been well loved for those who like to take their racing off the hardtop.


While we did have Second Son for the system and a downloaded expansion; it might be time for another trip back to the universe.


Another game with rumors of a new entry being in the works so hopefully it will come to reality as it would be amazing to see this universe on a new system.


More and more rumors have emerged that there is another game coming and with a new film and television series in the works it just makes sense that this will become a reality sooner rather than later.

Which games do you want to see on the new system and which franchises would you like to see return via a new game or a remaster?