Nine Chronicles Brings MMORPG Fun To Gamers

I wanted to get in touch today to send over an exciting update about the upcoming MMORPG, Nine Chronicles.

The folks at Ubisoft are partnering up with the developer of the innovative new MMO game, and I thought Skewed&Reviewed readers might be interested, so here are all of the details!

We’re announcing today that Planetarium, the developers of Nine Chronicles will be partnering up with Ubisoft and Hashed (a global venture fund), who will offer continued support on the game.

Nine Chronicles, as a refresher, is a fantasy MMORPG which utilizes blockchain technology to offer a completely decentralized online world which by design is governed by the players.

Players will be able to inhabit the world as they see fit – whether it’s slaying evil creatures as an adventurer, contributing to the world’s economy by mining resources, or passing legislation which meaningfully changes the way the world is ruled. It’s a bold new direction for MMORPGs – a living online world which can never be shut down.