Inaros Prime Comes To Warframe

This looks like a fun update for the game. May have to jump back in.

Digital Extremes’ Warframe team has opened up Prime Access today to offer the commanding king of the desert, Inaros Prime. Available today on all platforms — PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch — Inaros Prime Access gives players the chance to command the elements of the desert. Whether blasting enemies with cursed sand, whipping them into a blistering sandstorm, or sinking them into a deadly pool of quicksand, Inaros Prime is shrouded in myth and bound by incredible power.

Get Inaros Prime here:

Inaros Prime Access includes the primed version of Inaros, the brutal Panthera Prime, the elegant Karyst Prime, Prime Glyphs, Mittahk Prime Armor, Kahtuss Prime Syandana, a 90-Day Credit Booster, and a 90-Day Affinity Booster.

Prime Warframes and weapons are the original and most powerful items in-game, and they are available for free by hunting and collecting relics or instantly through Prime Access purchase.

The king of the desert arrives today. Invoke the wrath of the desert with Inaros Prime!