“Mulan” Producer, Jason Reed On The Hollywood, The Sequel Podcast

“Mulan” producer, Jason Reed sat down with John Horn this week on the podcast “Hollywood, the Sequel,” which looks at how the entertainment industry may be able to change for the better after this monumental reset.

Reed discusses how show business will be very different, from how films are made, to where they’re shown, to what defines a box office hit, when Hollywood is back up and running. He is currently dealing with the delayed release of “Mulan” and the frustrations that come with it, but he is hopeful that some of the changes will lead to lasting solutions to Hollywood’s problems.

Reed is advocating for better financial support for the freelancers who are the backbone of Hollywood’s gig economy. He’s also calling for changes in the executive suites, so that more diverse voices can “shift the dominant paradigm.”

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