Player Vs Player With Trevor Noah Announced On Quibi

They are really going all in on material. This should be interesting.

Gaming Series to be Produced by Day Zero Productions and Comedy Central
Los Angeles, CA -- July 14, 2020 -- Trevor Noah is a man of many talents, but one
you didn’t know: he claims to be the best non-professional FIFA player on the
planet. Now, for the first time, he’s putting his gaming chops up against the
world’s best.
Today, Quibi announced  ‘PLAYER VS. PLAYER WITH TREVOR NOAH,’ a new gaming series
hosted by comedian and award-winning ‘The Daily Show’ host, Trevor Noah. Produced by
Noah’s Day Zero Productions, the series features him as he goes head to head with
some of the biggest names in the gaming world - from true esports pros to celebs
with a stake in esports teams to top Twitch streamers  — as they battle within
different known titles on various consoles. True to his comedic roots, the show
promises much fun and competitive banter between Noah and his prospective rivals.
Executive Producers:
*    and Haroon Saleem for Day Zero Productions
*   Norman Aladjem, Derek Van Pelt, and Sanaz Yamin for Mainstay Entertainment
*   Bob Bain for Bob Bain Productions
Produced by: Comedy Central Studios
*   Ari Pearce is the Executive in Charge of Production for Comedy Central

Photo Credit: Gavin Bond
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