Postal 4: No Regerts Interview, SDCC At Home, Peacock Streaming, Movies, And Games Skewedcast

This week Mike J. At Running With Scissors joins Gareth, Justin, and Michael at Skewed and Reviewed discuss the pending Postal 4. They also discuss SDCC at home and movie and game news.


00:45 Mike J from Running with Scissors Postal 4 No Regerts
18:40 The Outsider released on Blu-Ray / Brave 7LE Digital camera
D&D Mythic Dungeos on Theros / Invasion Earth DVD
22:05 SDCC Comic-con at Home
42:30 NBC Peacock Streaming Service Launch
50:00 Falcon and the Winter Soldier delayed / Wandavision delayed
China opening movie theaters in areas that are low risk / Movie times cut short