Best games based on popular game shows

To entertain viewers, various television channels feature multiple shows. Although many of these shows have entertainment value, some have a significant impact on the audience. Some of the shows used to happen long ago, but they’re coming back to the screens again because of viewership demands. Specific programs like the Deal or No Deal Lotto are appearing in some lottery websites. Although the list of famous television shows is enormous, keep reading for a sample of the best shows.



This is one of the highly-rated television shows of all time. Jeopardy is a match of wisdom that used to happen on NBC between 1964 and 1975. Due to its popularity, the show has come back to the screen, and it’s currently in the 33rd episode.


Wheel of Fortune

The show was conceived when Mery Griffin came up with the concept of putting a spin on Hangman. The show has been on American television screens for over three decades and has given away prizes totalling to $200 to contestants. Pat Sajak and Vanna White are the hosts of the show.


The Price is Right

This is another show that has been on American television for a long time since 1956. The catchphrase for the price is right is show is ‘Come on down.’ Since 2007, the show’s hosts have been Drew Carey and Bob Barker. The show has contestants guessing the right price for the merchandise. Those who guess correctly get cash prizes.


The $64,000 Question

From 1955 to 1958, Hal March hosted the famous quiz show, The $64,000 Question’. The competitors were mainly taken as experts in their fields and were to answer questions linked to their various fields. Contestants were expected to be sharp because the questions were hard. Those who answered them correctly took home $64,000. Some famous people who participated in the show and won the prize include Barbara Feldon and Joyce Brothers.


Card Sharks

The show was aired on NBC and hosted by Jim Perry from 1978 to 1981. The competitors in the show had to guess the percentage of Americans who answered a survey question. Those who got the question right were given playing tickets to battle out with their rivals. CBS brought back the show in 1986 with Bob Eubanks as the host.


Weakest Link

Hosted by Deadpan Brit and Anne Robinson, the show ran on NBC television channel from 2001 to 2002 at prime time. It started with nine competitors who were to respond to simple questions within a short timeframe. The show’s episodes had to gradually build to a jackpot with each right response. At every round of the play, the weakest contestants were struck off.


Love Connection

This was a dating television show which was hosted by Chuck Woolery. The competitors had to choose their dates and come back after some time to explain how the going was with their dream dates. If the going was excellent, the contestants had to continue with the game. However, if the two were not compatible, they would part ways. Surprisingly, the bad dates offered the most significant entertainment value to the show.



Exceptional game shows have immense entertainment value and attract massive viewership. Such shows beat the test of time and deliver value for the audiences. Some of the famous shows are listed and explained above.