Ranking The best streaming services of 2020

Ranking The best streaming services of 2020

Whether you’re a cord-cutter or enjoy streaming movies and TV series during your free time, you must be wondering which streaming service is worth it. Fortunately, there are lots of options that are worth your money, though they each offer different content at different prices.

This article gives a closer look at all the premium streaming services ranking at Streamingwars, giving a laydown of precisely what they offer.


  • Netflix


Netflix is one of the most prevalent streaming services. It has introduced us to the modern binge-watch, as it houses some of the iconic shows such as the office, Andy Griffith Show, and the west wing. With Netflix, it is easy to put up your favorite show, whether you are watching it or not.

Netflix is also known for its originals, shows, movies, and documentaries. The content on the streaming media has received praise and critics in equal measure, and the new season typically comes out all at once, which means that you can watch the whole season in one day. Netflix releases new titles every week.


  • Amazon prime video


If you subscribe to amazon prime, you get to save a lot and also get access to Amazon streaming services. The site has a new movie to buy or to rent, for example, the Oscar-winning film parasite. With Amazon, so long as you have the little price tag, you can watch several shows and movies for free.

Amazon has, for times, as many movies as Netflix as shown by one of the studies. That means that if you are a movie fan, a prime video might be the right choice for you. The catalogs on the channel allow a wide variety of views.


  • Hulu


If you want to keep up with the current shows, then you need to consider Hulu. New episodes are uploaded to the Hulu platform quickly. That means that with a Hulu subscription, you can still keep up despite having cut the cord. Whether you have subscribed to the basic or premium Hulu plan, you can watch the new episode the following day.

The disadvantage with Hulu is that every season of a given show might not be available. If you want to watch older episodes, you might have to look elsewhere. Hulu has all the season for some of the shows, such as bob’s Burger and family guy.


  • Disney+


Disney plus is the home to marvel movies and the star wars franchise. If you have the young ones at heart, Disney plus streaming has the content that you need. Lately, Disney plus has become a platform for old movies, new originals, and big-screen release. Disney is speeding up the streaming releases of the brand new film, too, giving you even more bang for your buck.

The watch list for the young ones is almost entirely Disney channel original movies. There is also classic Disney content, too, from the original mickey mouse cartoons to vaulted films like Aladdin, the jungle book, and Cinderella.