One of the latest films brought to us by Amazon Studios is “Radioactive” and has been released at about the perfect time. The life of Curie has been popularised within the last couple of decades. Especially because any film and or story with a strong female in a male driven occupation is quite popular. Needless to say it will be very welcomed among the female masses.

When Marie Curie’s (Rosamund Pike) husband (Sam Riley) passes, though heart broken she continues her work as a pioneering physicist and chemist. She pushes hard within the field to understand radioactive elements that have not yet been discovered. She ends up realizing that the work that she is doing could potentially save lives.

The film is not my type of film however, it does provide a look into her life and of her many achievements. Perhaps a film like this would be hard to create when Marie Curie was such a great woman who deserves so much more than one film. As with most biopics there is never really enough time to squeeze everything onto the big screen. Radioactive does a good job at giving you the just of it. It was somewhat entertaining despite odd flashes to the future that I could have done without. This film, though again not really my type of film was dramatic, tragic and yet a bit romantic.

3 out 5