Magic: The Gathering Panel with Mark Rosewater: SDCC 2020

Mark Rosewater ,Magic: The Gathering head designer, will give the first sneak peek of Zendikar Rising, Magic’s September expansion.

Zendikar Rising is the 85th Magic expansion. It will be released on September 25, 2020. Zendikar Rising.

Magic: The Gathering is releasing a new expansion pack. Introduced at Comic Con 2020, Mark Rosewater, Magic: The Gathering head designer, introduced Zendikar Rising. Following the successful and popular original release in 2009 and the Return to Zendikar in 2015, this new expansion pack is promising excitement and surprises.


This pack consists of four chapters, Welcome, fireworks, Big Finish, and the Epilogue. Rosewater previewed many of the new card’s artwork.

Art cards are being brought back with excitement. There is a 5% chance of receiving a special art card consisting of the signature of the artist embosses in gold. For the Land cards, there is a 15% chance of getting a foil version of the card. Rosewater stressed this does not change getting foil cards in the rest of the deck.


Next are the connected, commons, and uncommons cards in slots 3 to 8. The fun here is finding the interesting connections between the commons and uncommons, and why and how they are connected.

Slot 9 is the Fireworks chapter. Rosewater promises this is a “real head turner.” This pack consists of a showcase card or another type of “cool thing” that he could not name.

Slots 10 and 11 are the wild and rarity cards. It will consist of any rarity – common, uncommon, rare, or mythic rare.


In the Big Finish chapter, there is more guarantee of what you will get. Slot 12 is the rare/mythic card. Slot 13 is the foil slot, guaranteed to get a foil. This could be any kind of foil card. Rosewater said in this clot it could be possible to get four mythic rare foil cards.

Lastly, the Epilogue chapter is by far the most interesting and exciting. This is an ad or token card. However, there is a 25% chance of getting a card from “the list.”

What is the list? It is a list of 300 cards from past Magic cards. These cards will look exactly the same as the original release card. Of the 300 cards, he revealed only three possibilities, Muscle Silver, Cloudgoat Ranger, or pact of Negotiation.

Zendikar Rising will be released on September 25, 2020.

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