4th Generation Warfare

(Review by Shawn)

4th Generation Warfare is a political strategy game taking place in the

Modern age. You take on the role as leader of a country such as Afghanistan,

Bangladesh, Syria, Uganda, and most major countries.


To win, you must be ranked first out of the other countries at the end of

the game based on your score. Your score is influenced throughout the game

by popularity, international diplomacy, economic performance, and military



First impression, I really like the music. It sets the mood and sounds

like a Hollywood movie score filled with political intrigue. I was blown

away with the amount of options and replayability in the game.


When starting a new campaign you are presented with a lot of customization

options. You can choose how many turns in the game, along with turn

duration and number of actions per turn. You also decide the number of

countries run by the game to compete against, with online matches also

being available.


I like the streamlined user interface. Your available actions are shown on

a toolbar, which then expands to a more detailed menu. When various actions

take place, not only will animations happen on the world map, but message

and notifications are also displayed via a virtual tablet and smart phone

which are shown onscreen.


My first playthrough, I chose to play as the USA. During my first few

rounds I was setting up Directors of Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs,

Intelligence Agency, and Armed Forces. Each director has their own set of

actions such as request a financial investigation or recruit a spy or cyber



Throughout the game you have other choices on how to further advance your

goals which could be viewed as moral or immoral. Whatever it takes to win

such as influencing people by inviting them to a restaurant, establish a

national budget, request meetings with foreign diplomats, bribe,, or



As of this writing, 4th Generation Warfare is still in early access. EVERSIM

company has created a game in which you could lose many hours playing and