Fight Crab

Fight Crab is an interesting game that casts players as a Crustacean who must battle all manner of enemies to emerge supreme. Players will fight in beaches and cities against other giant Shellfish and must employ a mix of combat, wrestling, and strategy to win.

Players can equip various objects from knives and other weapons as they attempt to defeat their enemies. The key goal is to flip an enemy over which wins the match.

Charging at an enemy and using blocks and attacks works well as my goal was leverage and pinning an enemy against a building while pushing home and attack would often allow me to get them elevated and then use gravity to push them over.

This worked well until the later stages when Boss enemies arrived and I had to resort to using cars and other objects in my plan of attack.

As the game unfolds players can upgrade their abilities and do some customization which is key as this is a game of survival of the fittest or at the very least; the best equipped.

There are multiple species players can use and along with customizations and online play there are plenty of options to enjoy.

The game was fun and has decent graphics and sound. The controls did take some getting used to as I played with a mouse and keyboard versus a game controller. The biggest issue I had with the game is that while fun; after about an hour or so I found my interest waning as no matter how many battles I won; a sense of repetition set in.

That being said the game does offer some quirky action and is ideal for those looking for a break from the mega AAA titles and want some unique fighting action with a touch of humor.

3 stars out of 5