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Published on August 4th, 2020 | by minshewnetworks


Are Cloud Computing Solutions Worth Implementing?



With the advent of information technology, cloud computing seems to be the new hyped up term. There is no doubt about the fact that this field is booming day by day and is emerging as a major shareholder in the market as well. But what is all this hype truly about?

  • Is cloud computing really all this great and beneficial?
  • What does IT Consulting have to say about it?
  • Is it really a game changer in the era of technology?

Through this article, we will be looking at whether cloud computing solutions really are worth implementing or not.

Cloud Computing – The Perks:

In a nutshell, cloud computing is delivery of on demand computing services. The cloud computing services can range from storage, servers, databases, networking, intelligence as well as analytics. In the modern era, cloud computing seems to be a hot favorite amongst businesses no matter their scale. Small as well as large scale businesses are now transitioning towards cloud computing services to streamline their operations. Here are some of the perks and advantages that IT Support Los Angeles associated with cloud computing:

1. Scalability:

The biggest perk of using cloud computing is the fact that the services are scalable. Need more services or resources, they will automatically be extended. Not using other resources, reduce the scope of the services and pay for only the resources that you are actually utilizing. The services actually grow and shrink as needed which is surely a plus for businesses whose needs tend to change rapidly.

2. Excellent Business Continuity:

All established businesses take into account planning or natural and unforeseen calamities. Cloud computing is a great way to ensure that the business and company can strive and succeed even when facing a calamity or tough time. Cloud computing ensures productivity and provides support even when the employees are working remotely.


Any type of data loss or risk can be easily mitigated. Whether it is a technical issue such as the memory location corrupting or any natural calamity, the data stored via cloud computing services can easily be restored.

3. Easy Access:

When cloud computing storage solutions are used, the data is not stored at any hardware based location. Rather it is stored on a cloud server. As a result, the data is not restricted to a specific hardware memory location. This way the data can be accessed from anywhere without any difficulty.


This easy access also allows for easier collaboration. People working on the same project from different locations can then access and share the data with the remaining team members easily. The data will be available on demand. All you need is a smart device as well as an active internet connection and that’s all. Your data will be on your disposal.

4. Economical And Budget Friendly:

Many companies are reluctant when it comes to transitioning towards cloud computing because of the initial cost it comes with. But actually, the initial cost is just an investment. In the long run, this transition will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. The time required to access the company data and the money spent on storage is reduced by a significant factor when cloud computing strategies are used.


Most of the IT Support Los Angeles follow the pay-as-you-go payment mechanism so the companies are only paying for the services they use. The businesses can easily customize the resources and services they need and adjust the payment plan accordingly as well.

5. Data Security:

Data security is a huge concern. Data loss can lead to serious consequences and sometimes the damage is irreparable. One of the most significant features and perks of cloud computing is the fact that the data is secure and safe.


Some companies don’t rely on cloud based storage as the main storage space rather use it as a backup data storage space. Even with this approach, the companies can be certain that their data is in safe hands and they can easily access it whenever needed. Another perk is the fact that the service provider is responsible for managing and handling the data. Therefore, the company does not have to worry about any sort of data handling. Therefore, another responsibility is taken off the shoulders of the company and the energy dedicated for this purpose can then be utilized somewhere productive.

6. Data Insights:

Data is precious, but the insights and analysis of the data generates information that is far more important and valuable. Most of the cloud based storage and data handling service providers offer their services and not only store the data but also offer to analyze the data and provide useful insights about the data.


Data analysis is a tedious and time taking task. Through cloud computing, the analysis can be used to generate insights and customized reports about the data. This information collected can be used to study the data insights and the company can then use the results to plan for strategies and future plans.


In a nutshell, there are many perks and advantages associated with cloud computing services. No matter what the scale of your business is, you should surely be considering making the switch towards cloud based services. This will not only make data management and storage easier for you but will also help protect and secure the data thus mitigating risks related to data theft and damage.



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