Google Teases New Tech, Unveil Budget Options

Google’s line of smartphones has always been met with mixed reviews, but the newest additions to the brand might change the average consumer’s opinion.

While fans have been expecting a new Pixel phone for some time now, few people expected Google to unveil three new phones at once.

But that’s exactly what Google did. The Pixel 4A announcement came out a little later than anticipated but it’s likely that the COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down. Now, the tech company has unveiled its affordable smartphone, tempting buyers at a harmonious tune of only $349.

Budget computers and smartphones have been on the rise in recent years thanks to advances in technology. Only 33% of retailers have the mobile tech necessary to showcase online inventory in-store so budget options like these could help businesses streamline operations. Now, what used to cost hundreds of dollars is mere pennies by comparison. The result? Better electronics — including smartphones — at a price that works for the average consumer and the typical retailer.

The Pixel 4A, for example, doesn’t have wireless charging or a face scanner, but it has the function to make up for it. Since data transmission and security is pivotal in the modern enterprise, consumers are willing to put fancy extras on the backburner.

The Google Pixel 4A sports a great camera and a bright screen. It’s also as large as Apple’s iPhone 11 but lacks the 5G compatibility that most carriers want their new phones to have. As such, it’s expected that Pixel 4A sales will take place primarily online. You can pre-order the phone now since it isn’t getting released until later this month.

At the same time as it announced the Pixel 4A, Google couldn’t help but unveil its other two phones — the phones that carriers really want. The Pixel 4A 5G and the Pixel 5 will all have 5G capabilities, placing it among the frontrunners in the race to 5G.

Unfortunately, there’s not as much information about these phones as the Pixel 4A. Right now, all we know is that the two phones are scheduled to be released this fall. Rumor has it that the Pixel 4A 5G will have a bigger price tag — as much as $499. But along with the 5G compatibility, there have also been titterings that the screen and camera might be better.

Even though Google has been in the news for its new Pixel phone, that isn’t the only reason that company has stood out. More quietly, the company has also partnered with security company ADT in a deal with $450 million for a 6.6% stake in the company.

Its goal is simple: get as many Google Nest devices into the homes of ADT customers as possible. The Home Mini, Nest Thermostat, and Nest Wi-Fi will also be pushed by ADT sales people as their relationship evolves. Consistent brand presentation alone can boost revenue by 23% on average.

Google is on a mission this year. Only time will tell if the company’s new phones are enough to shed its old reputation.