S.C.A.R. Is A Frustrating But At Times Fun Blast From The Past

Retro shooters are in fashion now and the release of S.C.A.R. looks to take a nostalgic look back at those early games of the pre-internet ages. Players can opt to use a tutorial to get to know the way the game works as the Grapple does allow for some very fancy moves. Sadly for me the instructional segment provided some really frustrating challenges.

The core game tasks players to load up and gun down all manner of creatures. The grapple allows players to vault to safety up high and quickly access map areas. This is ideal for escaping a crowd and obtaining much needed health, ammunition, and armor which is scattered throughout the map.

Using an arsenal of weapons, players must clear levels of enemies in order to open key doors which are needed to access other map areas of end a level.

While it sounds easy enough, there are plenty of enemies and objects that can hide and I found myself grappling and exploring nooks, ceiling beams, and alcoves frequently.

As I got the hang of things; I mowed down the enemies in rapid succession despite their abundant numbers. Swarming tactics, and decent aim.

This came to a head when I had to stop the enemies from disabling a missile as no matter how much mayhem I unleashed, which path I took, or which tactics I employed the bad guys prevailed in the end.

This is the appeal and frustration of the game as it is not a game that people who usually play shooters can usually dominate at first. It also does have several frustrations in the gameplay which can induce some players to rage quit.

Enemy A.I. is fairly basic but the swarming nature and physics of the gameplay may put some players off.

The graphics and sound are clearly retro by design as is the gameplay. This is not a polished modern shooter but rather a nostalgic throwback to a time when games were raw and intense.

There is no multiplayer mode so prepare to go it alone but if you want an action filled dose of nostalgia; then S.C.A.R. may be just what you are looking for.

3.5 stars out of 5