Dodo Peak Piles On The Fun

Dodo Peak is a cutesy and fun arcade game. I went into this game with little prior knowledge and I was pleasantly surprised. The gameplay itself feels very similar to Crossy Road/Q-Bert and that in itself is already a winning formula. The object of each level can very in terms of what is required to receive 3 stars (the highest score in each level).

Starting off, the objectives are simple. There are 3 Dodo eggs scattered around the small map area. You traverse the blocky area one hop at a time and avoid obstacles in order to collect the scattered eggs. You are also on a timer meaning you’ll have to collect the eggs within a certain time frame in order to get the full 3 stars.

Later levels add more complexity and enemies and challenges. Monkeys follow you, spike traps appear on the ground, etc. When it comes to these levels, the objectives add more variety as well. There is now a single jewel on the map that you’ll have to collect on top of collecting the 3 eggs in order to get the full 3 stars.

There are a good amount of levels and worlds to traverse through and they never cease to amaze me in terms of how fun they are. The new challenges keep things interesting and the new worlds keep the environments simple, yet beautiful. The only downside is that I wanted more as it felt generally short but the replayability factor definitely makes up for it. An overall fun game with a simple formula that just works well.

4 stars out of 5