GSX 300 External Soundcard By Epos/Sennheiser Is A Quality Audio Upgrade At An Affordable Price

Audio quality is more important now than ever. With the rise of streaming as well as so many games on the market; consumers expect the best quality audio for their games, movies, and music.

While slot mounted Audio Cards have faded for many due to the improved quality of onboard audio; consumers are always looking for that little extra especially when they have quality headphones.

Another factor to consider is that more and more consumers have on the go lifestyles so mobility is a key factor in their hardware decisions.

Enter the GSX 300 External Sound Card by EPOS/Sennheiser as a one stop and affordable audio upgrade solution.

The stylish and compact unit comes in black or white and offers easy setup which makes it ideal to go from PC to Laptop with ease.

Featuring High Resolution Audio and 7.1 quality; users can use the easy customization button and manually set their desired volume levels.

The connection is very easy and any jack equipped headset will connect in seconds and give users enhanced audio.

The unit sells for $79.99 and makes an affordable and attractive option for consumers and is something that anyone looking for a better audio experience will want to look into.