Words On Bathroom Walls

Based upon the novel of the same name; Words on Bathroom Walls is an American drama film about a teens struggle with mental illness.

Adam is a senior in high school whom recently had been expelled. He is forced to attend a Catholic High School and becomes close friends with Maya.

Maya is the smartest girl in school and seemingly has everything going for her. Little do the couple know that she might just be the one who saves him from his own mind.

Films based on novels have grown extremely popular within the last decade. I can’t speak to if one is better than the other however, what I can say is that this film is pretty darn good. It delves into the mind of a schizophrenic and the trials and tribulations that not only Adam faces but for those within his life as well.

Mental illness has been a huge topic in films lately and for good reason. Trying to understand what an individual with mental illness goes through can be difficult and frustrating.

Because of this society then deems them as “crazy” rather then giving them a chance. People in any situation don’t have to live by definition and that is what the film is about. Adam can be helped and follow his dreams despite his condition. It gives the audience hope and to not believe what might be written on bathroom walls or in the dark corners of our mind.

4 stars out of 5