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Published on August 25th, 2020 | by minshewnetworks


Crazy Tips on How to Write an Essay

Essays are inevitable in the academic life of every student in college or university. Students write them either as their sit-in or take-home assignment. However, in both cases, they contribute to a student’s grade point average. As such, individuals need to dedicate all their efforts and resources to ensure they write quality essays. There are specific tips that students can apply to help them write crazy articles, just as typical of custom essay writing services.

Switch off your Phone and social Networks

Occasionally, students receive assignments from their tutor, regardless of how soon the deadline falls. In such a case, the best-case scenario would be for the professor to be slightly lenient of the scoring or grading. There are specific critical questions that someone asks themselves to ascertain that they strictly follow the instructions. For example, how do you begin an essay? This question is best answered by focusing on the prevailing environment where you need to do your assignment. In most scenarios, there are potential distractors that may hinder them from concentrating on their tasks. They come in the form of procrastination, especially in the wake of social platform expansion. For example, applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the most hindering social networks that could divert attention. For someone to write a crazy essay during such a situation, it is advisable to switch off and keep away from these sites. Additionally, you could find a remote room or place that is free from all forms of disturbance. Frequently, some people use browsers that block social media sites and prevent them from popping up every other time.


Listen to your inner voice

The inner voice refers to the author’s style. Every writer typically develops their voice when writing an essay. Having written many articles over a long period, it becomes easy to compose a crazy essay despite a tight schedule without compromising its quality. For you to find your voice, keen attention comes in handy, especially on the issues you consider as immaterial. For instance, you should avoid using big formal words as they tend to confuse more, making your sentence structure appear a bit complex. Additionally, it would be best if you tried to write like you are having a normal conversation, as long as you don’t use slang, as it helps you to connect with the reader naturally. Also, you should ensure you use punctuation appropriately. For example, a comma could help to signify a slight pause as you try to talk. Some of the benefits of listening to your inner voice include:

  • You explain your ideas easily
  • You connect with the reader
  • It takes a shorter time without struggle
  • Concepts flow naturally

It’s Okay to Use Google for Quick Research

Conventionally, most Google searches are an invalid reference for academic work. A typical academic work should be based on reference materials based on scientific research or those that other scholars have peer-reviewed. However, the case of a quick essay presents a different situation, that may need a ready-to-find resource to go through and find a concept that helps you start an essay. This strategy works efficiently, especially when you cannot vividly recall an idea that a professor taught lightly and asked to find a time and do further research. Google may be critical in helping you understand the whole concept, enabling you to have a sufficient grasp of what the essay should include. Besides, you could search for it on google, which then leads one to an academic article that is available on valid sites like Google Scholar. Moreover, that could be the best time for me to ask an expert to write my essay in three hours if there is that urgency.

Don’t be Tempted to Copy and Paste

Often, there is the temptation to copy content from the internet and paste them in an essay, especially when the question is similar. This mistake characteristically happens when one is in a hurry and lacks ample time to do more research. However, it is a dangerous mistake that should be avoided at all costs because it is considered plagiarism. Most universities have stringent rules and policies regarding plagiarism, which may lead to a student’s discontinuation from learning or a suspension. Besides, it is an expression of a failure to understand the ideas and concepts during a lesson. Ideally, the best essay tips suggest that you try to consolidate your reading with the lectures to explain and produce an original explanation that is plagiarism-free. Your argument of the whole idea helps your reader understand your point as it comes out more objectively. Such mistakes are bound to create mistrust between the learner and the tutor, a case that could adversely affect the student’s grade point average.


Read the Essay Question Carefully

Even the questions that appear simple may be tricky to answer. Unfortunately, that is an art that most university lecturers have and apply it because they know students like to rush over questions without paying due attention. As someone who has read various materials on essay writing tips, reading a question several times should be a habit, as it helps you realize the small prints that you could not notice at a glance. This problem occurs several times to everyone because the eye is programmed to ‘see’ what the brain thinks about. Consequently, you will proceed to answer an unasked question whose answers you probably have ready. No wonder, one may write an examination but be surprised with the results later. Reading the essay question carefully and repeatedly helps you to understand what it requires you to do. Therefore, certain words give an outline or idea of how one should proceed. Some of such terms may include the following:

  • Analyze
  • Discuss
  • Compare and contrast
  • Explain
  • Highlight

Proofread your Essay

Despite how short the time may be, it is vital to spare part of it to read through an essay. Doing so helps you to spot some of the inevitable mistakes that you may have committed. Usually, students find it challenging to identify errors in their work. However, they could consider giving the writeup to their friends or someone with experience in writing essays of the same kind. This process helps you to edit your work appropriately and avoid submitting an assignment with mistakes on grammar, punctuation, or complex sentences that have no meaning. Alternatively, one can look for assistance from a cheap writing service, as they tend to have skilled writers who can do quality work within a shorter time.

In conclusion, an essay can be challenging to write, especially when working with a short timeline. On the other hand, it can be interesting if you get all the requirements guiding you to write. Frequently, students have many assignments to do simultaneously. Therefore, one should consider the tips above to help them get a quality essay.

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