PGA Tour 2K21 Is One Of The Best Sports Experiences In Gaming

I often find myself being indifferent to many sports games as to me they do not fully capture the thrill of the game and often involve more arcade action versus authenticity. Annual releases also struggle with not really offering more than cosmetic changes and enhanced rosters.

This is not to say that I have not enjoyed some over the years; I just do not find myself getting excited over the annual release of a new Madden, FIFA, or NBA game.

When the opportunity to review PGA Tour 2K21 arose I eagerly installed the game and made my way through the tutorial.

Despite having a very detailed character creator; I went with a fairly basic character so I could hit the links fast. I do not Golf much but have enjoyed going to the Driving Range and have even played a 9-Hole Par 3 and a few holes over the years as well as taken time on the Putting Green. Oddly enough I am not a regular viewer on television but I do make sure to note who has won the recent events.

After making my way through the qualifying round I entered the tournament and found that I struggle mightily with my putting. This is made more complicated by not always being able to see the breaks of a hole as hitting a ball wide left expecting a downward break will at times instead see the ball pull the other direction.

Fortunately for me I was able to Happy Gilmore my way around the course. Strong shots of the Tee combined with well-placed chips allowed me to one and two putt my way to Birdies and Pars and win. I was able to win four of five until I faced a course with some crazy wind that cut back on my long game advantage.

Despite this I was able to qualify for the PGA tour and won my first three events. That is when the game went into overdrive as the courses became harder and harder and I found numerous putts coming up just short or going over the cup.

Thankfully being able to upgrade sponsors, gear, and apparel based on your tour earnings allows players to change the game experience as they go.

The courses are well-detailed and the announcers are fun despite some annoying banter. I did not like the check ins on other golfers as in the midst of trying to win I wanted to hit the space bar and move to my next shot versus watching what a A.I. Pro did on another hole.

I have not been brave enough to try any online play yet but the game offers so many official holes and players as well as variable difficulty levels which makes it not only compelling but highly repayable.

I would tell myself I was only going to play one round only to find myself finishing up my third event on the Fed Ex Cup tour.

If you are a fan of Golf or just want to hit the links for casual play, PGA Tour 2K21 is one of the best sports game experiences I have played and lots of fun.

4.5 stars out of 5