The Genki Covert Dock Brings New Options For Nintendo Switch Owners

(Review by Joseph Salonga)

The Genki Covert Dock is a plug-and-play travel dock for the Nintendo Switch. About the size of a phone charger, the Covert Dock is small enough to fit in a pocket in your clothing or backpack, but sturdy enough to withstand daily use. The foldable prongs make it easy to store, and they feel sturdy, not cheap and flimsy.

Out of the box, I was presented with three international adapters, so I can literally travel anywhere in the world with my Switch and the Covert Dock. The instructions were simple and clear, and assembly was child’s play. I used the USB-C and HDMI ports in the dock, since those are the standard connections for the Switch. The Covert Dock also comes with a USB-A port, which I didn’t test.

Once assembled, streaming was flawless. I tested the Covert Dock using my two Nintendo Switch go-to games: Tetris 99 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Both of the games played flawlessly, without any stutter or loss of signal. I only played for 20 minutes, so this wasn’t exactly a stress test for the Covert Dock. After playing, disassembly was equally easy, and the Covert Dock wasn’t hot to the touch (but, again, this wasn’t a stress test).

The box of the Covert Dock indicates that it can be used to stream from non-Switch devices. I plugged my Moto G7 Power phone into the dock using the USB-C cord, but wasn’t able to get it to cast to the TV I had just used for the Switch.

Regardless, the Covert Dock will be part of my travel gear from now on. I’ve balked at the idea of bringing the standard Switch dock on family trips just so the kids can play in the hotel room, but the Covert Dock makes that a breeze. I can also take it to family events, knowing that standard cords are all that are needed to make this work. And since I no longer have to bring the non-folding standard Switch adapter, it’s even easier to pack and go.

The Genki retail price for the Covert Dock is a bit less than Nintendo’s retail price for its standard Switch dock, which is an even better value considering the versatility of the Covert Dock. (Even though I couldn’t get it to cast my Android phone, it still charged it.) I gladly recommend the Covert Dock for anyone looking to increase the travel capabilities of their Switch.