Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

The last of the four announced DLC expansions for Borderlands 3 has arrived with Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. This time around the Vault Hunter(s) must travel into the mind of the unstable Krieg and work with his good and bad sides to research the psychos of the Borderlands universe.

Players will go through various locales but many of which will seem very familiar to fans of the series. The prior three DLC were set in a Casino, A creepy town, and an Old West Planet; and the locales this time out are not as distinct.

Players will see many familiar enemies and faces as well as this time around the emphasis is not on creating multiple new enemies. Instead it is more of a trip down memory lane as Psychos, Mechs, and familiar enemies come into play. There are naturally some new wrinkles such as Psychos riding rockets who make for a nice new wrinkle and there are some familiar faces in some of the Boss Battles players will encounter.

The game setting is not as engaging as the prior DLC as to me the settings seemed too familiar and lacked the fun of some of the locales of the prior DLC. The prior DLC also had more engaging settings and scenarios and introduced many new characters. This time around it is more like a trip down memory lane; literally and figuratively.

In the end the expansion offers more loot, more adventures, and a few hours of diversion; but for me was the least engaging and interesting of the four DLC offerings for the game.

That being said; I did have fun even if it was not as much as with the prior expansions and I hope that more DLC will be coming soon and Gearbox has teased some new announcements coming soon, perhaps as soon as today at PAX Online.

3 stars out of 5