Crysis: Remastered Is Nice Dose Of Nostalgia But Like Putting New Paint On An Old Car

Back in 2007 EA released Crysis which touted a new gaming engine and state of the art technology. The game inspired sequels but many people found the game ran clunky on their PCs as the new engine had some pretty hefty technology requirements.

In the age of remasters gamers now can experience the game with remastered graphics which brings the graphics in the game to a more modern level.

Players play a member of an elite unit who wear specialized Nano Suits during high-risk missions. The suits can make the wearer invisible, move faster, and armor up to absorb energy. The biggest issue is that those abilities do take a considerable amount of power and can only be used for brief increments so players will have to use them strategically.

When a mission goes wrong players must attempt to battle hordes of North Korean troops and other threats to achieve various goals and mission objectives.

Players will be able to utilize an arsenal of weapons ranging from pistols, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, and their fists and must make sure to use ammunition wisely as the supply is not infinite and players will have to recover weapons from enemies when they deplete their ammunition or resort to using their fists until they can find resupply options.

While the game does look more modern, the gameplay is still jerky especially in combat. Compared to modern shooters the smoothness and speed factor is lacking and it at times has a herky-jerky gameplay to it. Being able to cleanly shoot an enemy is erratic as some are real bullet sponges while others in the same class go down fairly easily.

The game also uses a checkpoint save system so failing to complete an objective will have players trying a scenario repeatedly until they are successful.

Players will also be able to utilize vehicles that they find which can help when they need to make a fast escape from a location or if they opt to make a direct assault.

The sound and graphics of the game are solid but the gameplay was decidedly retro and had many of the issues that bothered me with the original release. I had hoped for a total redo but in many ways it was like slapping a new coat of paint on an old car and expecting top of the line performance.

Crysis: Remastered is a nice trip down memory lane but pails when compared to more modern games in terms of enjoyment as I think a new game in the series would have been better. Perhaps this is a way to test what the current demand for the franchise is. For now the game is a nice piece of updated nostalgia.

3 stars out of 5