Black Box

The First of four films for Amazon Prime from Horror Studio Blumhouse arrives tomorrow and brings new original horror to the streaming service.

“Black Box” tells the story of Nolan (Mamoudou Althie), who is struggling to regain his memories after a brutal car accident that killed his wife and left him seriously injured. His precocious daughter Ava (Amanda Christine); takes care of him as best as she is able and helps him try to regain his memories despite her youth.

Nolan has the support of his friend Gary (Tosin Morohunfola); who being a Dr. suggests that Nolan see a specialist that he knows. Nolan is resistant but after being unable to regain his past career and in danger of Child Services being called due to his memory lapses around Ava’s school schedule; he agrees to meet with Lillian (Phylicia Rashad); and undergo memory therapy.

What is at first promising takes a turn as Nolan sees blurred faces in his memories and a contorted figure that seems intent on attacking him. He is told that this is all part of the process but as therapy continues more and more bizarre images and questions arise leading Nolan to question what reality is.

The film has a solid cast and premise but plays it safe. The setup really had me expecting a better payoff than the film delivered as it was rather anti-climactic and came across more like a movie of the week than a feature film.

There was some entertainment value but do not expect to be scared or unnerved by much of the film but enjoy the performances by the cast.

Directed By: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr

3 stars out of 5