Until You Fall Is A Decent Distraction For VR Gamers

Until You Fall has arrived for the PSVR and Oculus Quest and gives gamers a taste of blade on blade V.R. action.

The game has players playing as Knight who has been raised to face an enemy who reminded me of a yellow and black Darth Maul. With a sword in one hand and a short sword in the other; players must navigate around a map taking down enemies and collecting necessary refreshers along the way.

The navigation does take some getting used to as while players can turn left and right; they have to pick a spot to move forward to or rush ahead or backwards. This is fine when you have time to navigate but in a combat situation I found more often than not that going toe to toe and slugging it out worked well for me.

The only exception to this was with multiple enemies where I had a more direct assault followed by a pivot and parry approach to take on flanking enemies.

The game has decent graphics for V.R. but the enemies are fairly generic as they are not really expressive and early in the game I thought that Shocker from Spider-man and Darth Maul had kids in terms of the look of the bad guys I faced.

Repetition did set in as did some issues with navigation like one enemy who would not go down or fight back no matter how much damage I did.

Audio was fine as I used the PSVR earbuds for it and the music that accompanied the quest was good.

While the game did not tread any new grounds it was solid distraction and it was fun slicing and dicing my way through the enemy hordes.

3 stars out of 5