Udon And Capcom Reveal New NYCC Street Fighter Items

New Street Fighter items have arrived from Capcom in time for NYCC.



UDON has so much good stuff coming out this week in honor of New York Comic Con that we are starting early! Jump over to UDONPins.com to grab the Pink Glitter Chun-Li Winning Pose pin, available ONLY during NYCC 2020! The Stinging Bee VS The Strongest Woman in the World! Making their NYCC debut, UDON’s Move Set Tee Series kicks off with Cammy & Chun-Li, available in various colors in super soft tees! This Pre-Order run is limited, hurry over to UDONPins.com to get your sizes while supplies last!

Our Street Fighter Pin Fighter Series is getting TWO dynamic releases this week with one EVIL addition: Evil Ryu joins both the Wild Cards and The Americans as a SET EXCLUSIVE and will NOT be available for sale individually! The Pin Fighter Wild Card Series includes Dee Jay, T. Hawk, & Yun, and The Americans Series includes Charlie, Guile, & Ken! Mix & match your favorites or pick up either full set to secure your exclusive Evil Ryu at