The Best Sports Games for Xbox to Accompany Your Free Time!

Want a more challenging and fun variety of gameplay? Check out various reviews of the best sports games you can play on Xbox to fill your leisure time! This prolonged outbreak has made all areas experience a decline, which requires everyone to keep their distance, always wear a mask, and stay at home if there is no urgent need. Many television broadcasts cut back on their live broadcasts and switch to replaying and recording. Many football games were wholly suspended, basketball games were postponed, and softball games didn’t know when to start. It’s tough to feel if you like sports, but now you don’t need to worry! You can play many kind of gambling games on idn poker terpercaya so you will never feel bored because they have many various kind of games. You also can play various sports games on your favorite Xbox, of course, with gameplay that is made similar to a match. Browse our various best sports games that you like to fill your spare time!

Here it is some best sports games that you can play with your favorite Xbox!

Yes, who doesn’t know Xbox, a famous game console made by Windows has millions of users worldwide! A simple, sturdy, and compact design made the Xbox very much in demand by many video game lovers. The casing also has an exclusive and modern design, complete with a glossy finish. Don’t forget about the specifications, with 8 CPU cores, 8GB system memory, 500GB HDD, and USB 3.0, making the Xbox’s performance in running a video game the best in its class. There are so many video games on offer, including sports games with high interest in the market. Want to play it right away? Find out our list of the best sports games that you can play on your favorite Xbox!

FIFA 2020

Here comes the best sports games to date, FIFA 2020! Yes, this game made by Electronic Arts has a vast number of users. Not only available on Xbox, but this game is also available on PC and other game consoles. FIFA 20 has various game modes, multiplayer mode, to a manager concept like a club coach. How about the gameplay? Ultimate realistic! You can control players like playing real football and various new features, ranging from controlled tackling, natural player motion, AI defending overhaul, football-informed motion, new shots trajectories, and various football intelligence experiences. Ready to play soccer like playing real in a stadium?

NBA 2K20

If FIFA 2020 is the best soccer game, NBA 2K20 is the best basketball game ever! This basketball game has the best gameplay in its class, complete with the most realistic player controls, upgraded motion engine, advanced shooting control, redefined off-ball collisions, and various other gameplay features. What about the team? Complete up to 100 legendary teams! Other complementary features are equally impressive, such as the excellent audio experience with 60,000 new lines dialogues, 2000 arenas specific crowd reactions, own-managed league, etc. Can’t wait to play basketball with your favorite legendary player?

The Crew: Ultimate Edition

Racing games will always be a favorite for sports game lovers. The crew: ultimate edition offers a thrilling racing sensation, including some cars, boats, bikes, even a plane! Yes, this game creates a real competition, where players worldwide will fight other players by participating in open-world racing. Ubisoft’s game provides an incredible playing experience and gameplay, as well as various challenging mini-games. You will become an Alex Taylor and prepare to explore a life full of drama. Worth to play!


If most racing games are done on highways or roads that are not bumpy, you can get your adrenaline pumping by playing this game! You will feel sitting in a car and driving with various extreme environments, steep roads, full of snow, and some boulders blocking the road. The muddy road is also one of the challenging obstacles you have to pass, how do you adjust the gas and car brakes, and keep the balance so as not to overturn. So, let’s play in solo mode or multiplayer mode up to 4 people.

Project Cars 2

Want to race in a real track arena atmosphere? You must play Project Cars 2. With the sensation of racing like on the track, you will feel the feeling of driving a super-fast car, complete with all tracks and all weather conditions! Yes, all-weather, all-conditions, the LiveTrack 3.0 feature is the superior feature of this game. Not only that, but a row of supercars, hypercars, GT, open wheels, to vintage is also ready to accompany your racing journey. So, this is the ultimate driver journey!

NHL 20

This is the last recommendation for the best sports games, the NHL 20! This game, made by Electronic Arts, carries hockey with a variety of realistic characters and exciting gameplay. Unlike the previous series, NHL 20 provides its latest features with RPM tech-powered gameplay with signature shots.

Can’t wait to play all of our recommended best sports games? So, turn on your Xbox, and play with unlimited joy!