2 Hearts

Based on true events from the book “All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope”. The film tells the story of how two families are connected forever.
We are introduced to Chris Gregory (Jacob Elordi) who narrates, his Mom Grace (Kari Matchett) and Dad (Tahmoh Penikett), His brothers Colin (Jordan Burchett) and John (Anthony Konechny). Chris just graduated from high school and is headed for college. While attending classes, he meets and falls for Sam (Tiera Scovbye) and begins to charm her until they begin dating.

Chris, then tells us the story of Jorge (Adan Canto). How he grew up, attending boarding school in the United States, and started working for his family’s business in Cuba before the Castro takeover. The event prompted the family to move their business to Puerto Rico. During childhood Jorge had been quite ill with respiratory issues. This carried on through his life, yet he forged on even though his doctors had not given him great odds of survival.

As the family business grows, Jorge would travel often for his job. On one of those trips, he meets Leslie (Radha Mitchell) a flight attendant who steals his heart. He, like Chris, would begin to charm his way into dating the woman he knows will become his wife. The film tells of three love stories. The young man and his girlfriend, the love of two people who connected instantly, falling for each other; and the love of a family.

The first part of the film is charming, Elordi plays Chris as an upbeat, charmer. The baby of the family. His father is strict and does not allow him to get away with his hijinks, and his mother adores him. The love stories are well told. We experience how Chris is dumbstruck by Sam’s beauty in their meetcute, how Jorge spots Leslie as she walks to the plane’s gate, and their eyes meet. The romance of these two pairs are quite eloquently told. Their life and experiences are displayed fully for the audience.

This film’s title does not give away much of the plot other than the romances that fill out the drama. There is also a red herring which comes off as a time filler instead of a misdirection. The book title does bring the topic of transplant. I can understand why the film did not use the original title, instead placing the focus on the relationships.

2 Hearts is a good true-life story. The movie certainly is a romance that is also a tear-jerker. I highly recommend bringing tissues with you to the theater. The timing of the release is not ideal due to the pandemic, general mood of this country when comedies and fantasy film could be a better remedy. If you are a fan of this type of film, it is enjoyable, but the ending’s intended inspirational uplift falls short.

3 out of 5 stars