Submit Now For Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guides

It is time once again to start planning our Annual Holiday Gift Guides.


With the state of the world more and more people will likely be shopping online versus browsing stores so increasing product awareness to a target audience will be key.

As with prior years our Guides will be in multiple formats and will include online, magazine, radio, Skewedcast, and Newspapers. We are also looking at a potential video format where companies can submit a short video of their products to be featured.

We do not have a direct charge to have your items in the guides but we do have to have hands-on as outlets such as the papers and radio especially require that items be personally evaluated by us before we include them in our segments and content.

The guides have been very popular and as such space is limited for the print and radio segments but we do have more flexibility for the online versions as we update them through the end of the year.

If you would like to submit any items, please let me know as soon as possible so we can confirm your placement.

The first guides will go up around Thanksgiving.

Some of the companies already confirmed include


Turtle Beach


Diamond Select



Creative Labs



Evil Controllers


There are several others and more to come.


To submit your company please contact me at [email protected]