The Importance of Using Bitcoin in the Field of Business

There is a recent report telling that the Seehotel Jagerwirt, a luxury hotel in Austria, was manipulated by the hackers, where their electronic doors were locked. They can’t open it, not unless they will send Bitcoin to the hackers as their payment.

Since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation, it cannot be denied that some hackers became more tech-savvy and sophisticated. In the field of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is mostly used. Anyone can create an account, even the hackers, to spread malicious acts and prey to the starters.

But, you will not be a victim of the hacker’s pitfall if you will be more mindful and wise in terms of using Bitcoin. Despite that, Bitcoin is still important considering the technology it uses to work. The technology we’re referring here is the blockchain computing.

The blockchain computing works similar to the internet. They have the same effect on computer networks. If this is your first time to encounter the term “blockchain computing”, keep on reading and enjoy!

Blockchain Computing – What Is It?

Blockchain Computing refers to a system that is responsible for securing the blocks it has. One of the great things about this system is that the computers used by millions of people can securely store the copies made.

Blockchain enables the important details to stay indifferent systems, even for multiple times. If there is a new entry created, the whole system will automatically update. This feature is beneficial to business owners and other individuals around the world who invest in Bitcoin. As mentioned, anyone can have access to the system, enabling them to create a new record. However, you need to ask the permission of the other computers that keep the important data if you want to delete or alter the record.

Is Blockchain Hackable?

Technically, no one can hack the Bitcoin’s blockchain. The specialized computers contain interlocked information, making it hard or impossible for hackers to do a malicious act. If the blockchain updates of a single computer were hacked, for instance, the system will reject it automatically. Hacking of the blockchain would only be possible if all the specialized computers, which are located around the world, are hacked at the same time.

Blockchain can be hacked, but the things a hacker needs to do is way impossible. It requires moonshot of effort. But this is only according to the theory. It requires a lot of effort rather than hacking Google or a big bank. While blockchain is only hackable in theories, it might be the most complex and biggest hack that may occur.


The authentication possibilities that are related to blockchain are unlimited. It is being used by many business owners to store important contracts, information, and identities. With the use of this innovative technology, it will reduce the workload of the verifying intermediaries, organizations, and institutions.

Aside from that, the government will also benefit from this new and innovative technology, considering its influence and power. There are lots of things that we can enjoy from using this tech. These include the way on how the citizens rely on their country. Not only that, but it’s likely that the influence and power of the government will be reduced. Remember the line in a song Imagine written by John Lennon, “Imagine there are no countries, it isn’t hard to do.” It seems impossible to live with no countries, but there are lots of changes that will come if the blockchain computing will be implemented.

You might consider using the as a stepping stone to the world of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.