The top gambling sites in the world

Every passing day, the world of online gambling continues to grow. With the pandemic, people were forced to stay in their homes in order to quarantine, and they had to look for alternative things to entertain themselves with. Quarantine has shut a lot of businesses down as people fear the risk of getting infected. Businesses such as casinos had to close down for security reasons, however gamblers and players started to enjoy the commodity of being able to play online from the comfort of their own homes. Although the online gambling world had been present for a while now, people started to really get involved more at the beginning of this year.


Online gambling has definitely increased in popularity, it is not only comfortable for the gamblers to play at home, but it also has a very similar experience to the one you would have in a land-based casino. When it comes to online gambling sites there are simply tons of them you can choose from, however there are also those that are the most popular because of their games, their graphics and the overall experience that they provide to the player. If you are looking into playing in the top gambling sites in the world, make sure you read more here and check out the following list to see which one looks the most appealing to you.


888 Casino

One of the most popular ones as it is valid to be played in the UK, Ireland, Canada, India, Spain, Kenya and many more places. As a welcome bonus you can receive up to $100 in your initial deposit.


Royal Panda

Available internationally for people over 18 years old. The greatest part of this online casino is that you can bet a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $100, plus you also get a welcome bonus of $100 and 10 free spins.


PLay Ojo

Quite a popular one as it can be played internationally from Philippines, Gibraltar, Colombia, Hong Kong, UK and even Pakistan. As a welcome bonus players can receive 50 spins or 1 spin for every $1 deposited.


Bet 365

Very popular for being played to gamble or bet in sport games or matches. This gambling site can be played in apps for android and apple, and can even be accessed from the computer.On a global rank this site is in the list for being number 89 overall but when it comes to category rank, this site is number 1 for sports betting.



For people that like to bet on something else aside from card games, this site has it all, from horse racing, sports and different events as well. You can always find the classic games on this site. It is placed on number 2 in the gambling and lottery category, and where it is the most popular one is South Africa, as it places on number 4 there. This platform can be accessed through a smartphone or in the computer itself as it is one of the most trending sites in 2020 worldwide.