Danny Wood of NKOTB Speaks With The Licensing Mixtape

As part of our coverage of the Licensing Expo; here is a look at a segment fans will enjoy.

80s pop group New Kids On The Block captured international spotlight and fandom and inadvertently pioneered music licensing. The Licensing Mixtape spoke with NKOTB’s Danny Wood on how the group has evolved and produced an ideal blueprint for music licensing.


The episode is chalk-full of authentic insight, featuring lessons learned on ensuring merchandise aligns with their core vision and how the group is coping with the halt of live events and physical shows by engaging with their beloved fan base via virtual events, as well releasing a quarantine-themed new single, “House Party,” starring Boyz II Men, Jordin Sparks, Naughty By Nature and Big Freedia with a star-studded music video featuring Carrie Underwood, Mark Wahlberg and Nicole Scherzinger.

  • Who: Danny Wood of NKOTB
  • What: Wood speaks with The Licensing Mixtape podcast and offers candid insight into how NKOTB paved the way for music merchandise as we know it today, leaning on lessons learned from engaging with fans during the ‘80s.


“It was an absolute pleasure to speak with music and licensing industry icon Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block on the latest episode of The Licensing Mixtape,” said Bibi Wardak, content editor at License Global and host of The Licensing Mixtape podcast. “We dove into how the group built an incredibly steadfast fanbase over the years and the timely topic of engaging with their audience during the ongoing freeze of live shows. A common thread is authenticity.”

Wardak continued: “There are a lot that musicians and brand owners in general can learn from Wood and NKOTB, specifically that successful licensing strategies are the result of taking the time to understand how your audience wants to engage with your brand beyond slapping a logo on a product. Music is about expression and NKOTB translates this to everything in their product line in a way that excites their fanbase, from specialty cruises to high quality merch at shows.”

You can find the full episode here